Children's Clothing Sizes

Children's clothing sizes often vary almost as much as the little ones themselves, which can make it quite a challenge to select the right size.

The age of the child is not always an accurate guide to sizes. Often the height of the child gives a better indication of which size to buy.

If you know the height of your child, it is easy to find the corresponding unisex size in months or years in our children's clothing size chart below.

Children's Clothing Size Chart

Size by Age Height in cm Chest in cm Height in inches Chest in inches
12-18 86 53 34.0 20.5
18-24 92 54 36.0 21.0
2-3 98 55 38.5 21.5
3-4 104 56 41.0 22.0
4-5 110 57 43.5 22.5
5-6 116 58 45.5 23.0
NB: These are body measurements. They are not garment measurements.

Even though our Nanok Kids garments are fitted to a certain extent they are still a generous size, giving your little one room to move.

If you are unsure what size to get, then please measure your baby or child's height, from head to foot without the assistance of shoes, as this should operate as a good clothing size guide.

For instance, if your child is 84cm long, a size 12-18 months (86cm) will be perfect. Or choose a size 18-24 months (92cm) for a looser fit and more room to grow.

Please note this is a clothing size guide only.

If you have any doubts about the size for your child, then please send us an email. We will be happy to assist you in finding the right size.

If it turns out that the garment is not right then please do not worry. We are happy to exchange it for a different size.

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